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Birth to Three Ambassador, Stellar Mengele, Leads Church Champions Program Event in Kenya

On April 10, 2023, over 200 caregivers with over 500 children, church leaders, Mutanda Dispensary health officials, and local tv and radio reporters came together to learn about the power behind the Birth to Three Movement. We are so thrilled to have touched, impacted, and changed so many lives.


CONNECT Conversations with Vroom & Envision Utah

A child’s brain grows the fastest from birth to 5! Helping them learn now prepares them for future success. Listen in as GIFT CONNECT, Vroom, and Envision Utah discuss this subject. 

Gift Connect Podcast: Conversation with Vroom, and Envision Utah: The Power of Brain Building from Birth to Five Years Old image
Image of Stellar Mengele, Gift Connect Ambassador and leader of Church Champions Program, and champion for early childhood development in Kenya.

Have You Heard Stellar’s Song?

Stellar Mengele is the champion of early childhood development for GIFT CONNECT in Kenya. Stellar is also the artist behind the “Abujubuju Baby Song,” which inspires parents and caregivers to speak, sing, read, and play with their children more actively.

“We need your help to bring Birth to 3 early childhood development to the world.”

– Sam Beard, GIFT CONNECT Founder

What is Birth to Three?

The first 3 years of life set the tone for a child’s future. Key activities such as talking and reading will strengthen your child’s brain, create emotional security, and set them up for success. Learn more about the power behind the Birth to Three initiative. 

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How does America rank in the world of literacy?

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