ASK Sammie: Your Parenting Personal Assistant

Sammie uses the latest AI technology to provide every parent or caregiver a virtual shoulder to lean on through text message – directing them to help, programs, and services based on their questions. No question is too big or too small!

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Sammie is available for

  • Information on a specific topic.
    • Ask Sammie about how to engage your child during bath time, or how to support language development.
  • Parenting tips and advice.
    • Ask Sammie how to deal with tantrums or how to set up a safe and stimulating learning environment at home.
  • Resources in your community.
    • Ask Sammie how to find a preschool that offers inclusive programming, or a local music program for children under age three.
  • Support on implementing the Six Loving Habits
    • Ask Sammie for tips on speaking, reading, playing, singing, counting and serve & return with your children.
  • Help when you feel frustrated or overwhelmed.
    • Parenting is challenging and it’s normal for parents to feel alone. Sammie can provide support and encouragement.

Text Sammie any time

In EnglishText GIFT to 302-570-2322

Sammie prompts parents and caregivers to start asking questions.

They can ask whatever they need and continue the conversation for as long as they like. After your first text, you can simply re-text anytime you have another question.

Why Utah?

We have chosen to pilot Sammie in Utah because of the diverse population, high birth rate and growing population, and commitment to working together to enhance early education.

Diverse Population and Understanding Different Cultures

Utah is a place with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. This diversity is a great chance to create programs for kids from birth to age three that are designed for the unique cultural and language needs of different families.

High Birth Rate and Growing Young Population

Utah has one of the highest birth rates in the U.S., which means there are a lot of young children. This shows the need for wide-reaching programs that can make a big difference in many families.

Working Together in Education

Utah has a strong tradition of cooperation in education, with teachers, community groups, and policymakers joining forces to improve education. This teamwork makes Utah an ideal place for programs focused on kids from birth to age three.

How We Do It

Lowering Barriers for Quality Information
Innovation in Data Collection and Use
Building Trust with Caregivers


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