Edutainment is a valuable tool for both children and adults. It can make learning more engaging, enjoyable, and effective.

Science shows that music is more than entertainment; it plays a vital role in lifelong learning. We believe music enhances the relationship between caregivers and children, reaches many parts of the brain, and educates and empowers parents and caregivers with essential skills for the most vital years of development.

Image of mother playing guitar with toddler

Doctrine the Rapper explains why the only way to reverse poverty and inequity in the U.S. or developing nations is to focus on the brain science of birth to three.

And YOU can be the difference!

Stellar Mengele, our Birth to Three ambassador in Kenya, wrote and produced the Abujubuju Baby Song to educate mothers on Early Childhood Development.

Carnegie Hall Lullaby Project Playlist

This page features original lullabies written by new and expectant parents across the country and world through Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project. Lullabies are at the heart of this creative project focused on promoting positive relationships between parents and their babies.