New in June from Gift Connect: Wasatch Bank Economic Summit, Podcast with Stellar, Lullaby Playlist 

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GIFT CONNECT Founder, Sam Beard, Attends 2023 Zions Bank Wasatch Bank Economic Summit

Sam recently traveled to Utah to explore collaboration possibilities and community connections with people and businesses that align with GIFT CONNECT’s mission. Sam also sat on a panel in a breakout room centered around early childhood education. During that session, there were lots of great interactions, discussions, and program-building ideas.


CONNECT Conversations with Stellar Mengele

Being a mother is more than providing food, shelter, and safety, it’s speaking, singing, and loving. Tune in as GIFT CONNECT and Stellar Mengele dive into early childhood and the huge impact singing has on babies.

Exciting News for GIFT CONNECT

We recently attended the Carnegie Hall Lullaby Project International Convening. This program uses the power of music to aid early childhood development, and we are excited to implement the lullaby program into our GIFT CONNECT programming!

“Take your finger and put it down as low as your arm stretches, and then zoom it up. And just imagine that that’s the brain science of the first three years. And that creativity is never replicated.”

– Sam Beard, GIFT CONNECT Founder

What Exactly is GIFT CONNECT’s Mission?

The key to helping children thrive worldwide lies within the power of birth to three. Singing, talking, and playing early and often with your baby is the answer. Hear from Sam Beard as he explains this concept and why GIFT CONNECT was formed. 

How many students each year drop out of high school in America?

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We are dedicated to promoting awareness, advocacy, and action around the importance of early childhood development and education, and to working collaboratively toward a future in which all children have the opportunity to thrive.