Advocacy Network

Advocacy Network

Deliver limitless potential to every baby

Without Birth to Three, we can’t:

  • Transform our failing schools
  • Reverse poverty
  • Create a 21st-century workforce
  • Grow our economy

Without sustained and passionate advocacy, elected officials will not make birth to three a policy imperative.

Engage and Activate the GIFT CONNECT Advisory and Advocacy board

In our democracy, the voices of every-day citizens shape America’s direction and future. 

Our goal is to bring together a group of proven early childhood development professionals who are passionate and results-oriented to help educate and engage hundreds of national and local supporting organizations.


  • Across America, collaborate with more than 100 major national organizations.
  • Mobilize local chapters to educate and engage their national leadership.
  • Educate and engage members of the U.S. Congress through ECD professionals who report quarterly to the local and national staff aides about ECD success stories representing their state or community.  
  • Launch a competition for outstanding state-by-state early childhood development songs.    
  • We want to draw inspiration from successful initiatives like Bono’s Project (RED) and the ONE Campaign and collaborate with renowned musicians to create a transformational early childhood development song.


  • Use technology and social media to educate and engage 100 million Americans annually.
  • Find creative ways to use the power of music to reach caregivers and children in communities through our partnership with the Carnegie Music Hall’s Lullabies.
  • Engage traditional media on a sustained basis market success stories, op eds, editorials through newspapers, talk radio & television
  • Participate in an annual social media “Call to Action” reaching National, State and Local Elected Officials.
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Who are we looking for to lead?

Activists. Policymakers. Business, Diversity, Education, Mental Health, and Health Care Professionals.

In each community, an Advocacy Committee will:

  • Engage leaders of nonprofit and for-profit organizations who are knowledgeable and passionate about ECD
  • Mobilize members that reflect the full range of purposes that compose any community: senior citizens, diversity, business, labor, women, faith, education, health care, mental health.

The most powerful national organizations that influence the direction of America and help define our policy priorities are not that knowledgeable about and are not strongly advocating for Birth to Three and Early Childhood Development.

When citizens speak, elected officials pay attention.


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