Global Birth to Three Advocacy

Our GIFT CONNECT program in Kenya provides culturally relevant early childhood development training in villages, making skills and resources accessible to all parents and caregivers, regardless of their ability to read or write.

Kenya Event image - learning the alphabet with young children

How We Do It


GIFT CONNECT Global Ambassador Stellar Mengele writes “edutainment” songs that both entertain and educate audiences on the importance of early childhood development. Her first song, the Abujubuju baby song has been viewed over 240,000 times on YouTube.

Keynote Concerts

Stellar hosts keynote concerts in partnership with local churches where she performs and teaches the Abujubuju baby song, discusses the importance of development from birth to three years, and instructs parents and caregivers on implementing the six loving habits in their daily lives. She also partners with experts with a “whole-child” parenting approach, including talks on healthcare and nutrition.

After the training, we track our impact by reaching out to attendees to learn how they are implementing the training and how many people they have shared the information with.

Grassroots Advocacy

Beyond our large events, Stellar is an ambassador of birth to three at the village level in an effort to reach parents and caregivers where they are in their daily lives. Stellar can be found advocating for Birth to Three at wedding ceremonies, markets, healthcare centers, churches and beyond.

Why Kenya?

Inadequate funding

According to UNICEF, less than 1% of international aid goes to education that currently supports pre-primary education. Further, less than 2% of education budgets are allocated to pre-primary education in low-income countries. 

Missing Milestones

An estimated 38.3% of Kenyan children ages 3 and 4 are not reaching their cognitive and socioemotional milestones.

Low access

Sub-saharan African has the lowest rate of access to pre-primary education in the world. Because most children are at home in the early years, we need to create resources for parents and caregivers to support early development in their households. 




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Types of Community groups reached

from Chiefs, Government staff, health workers, mothers and children living in extreme poverty, students, teenage mothers, and Rotary members


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Stellar Mengele – Birth to Three Ambassador | Kenya

She is truly reaching the hearts and minds of young parents and caregivers through her culturally relevant and educational songs and events that inspire them to practice the “Loving Habits” of speaking, singing, reading, playing, counting and serve and return with their children.

Stellar’s exemplary talent and use of music to positively influence societal norms and create behavior change has been recognized by the Kenyan government. She has been invited to the state house to perform during the Madaraka and Mashuiaa Day celebrations and was invited to join the 5th National ECD Stakeholders’ blended conference at Turkana University.

She is truly reaching the hearts and minds of young parents and caregivers through her culturally relevant and educational songs and events.