Loving Habits

Speak. Sing. Read. Play. Count. Serve & Return. Six Loving Habits to enable increased connection and brain development with children.

Looking for ways to engage your child in everyday activities. Click on a loving habit below and view Vroom tips that you can start using today. They are fun, enriching, and easy!

Speak to image

Speak To

The more a child is exposed to language, the more neural connections are formed in the areas of the brain responsible for language processing.

Sing to image

Sing To

When you sing to your child, they are exposed to new sounds, rhythms, and patterns. Singing is a great way to spend quality time with your child and build a strong bond.

Read to image

Read To

When you read to your child, they are exposed to new words, sounds, and concepts. This helps to create new neural connections in the brain and recognize letters and words.

Play with - image


When children play, they are constantly exploring and learning new things which helps develop cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, creativity, and imagination.

Count With image

Count with

Counting with a child is a great way to help them learn about patterns and sequences.

Serve & Return image

Serve & Return

In a serve-and-return interaction, the child initiates the interaction by making some kind of gesture or vocalization. The caregiver then responds to the child’s initiation, and the interaction continues back and forth.

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