“Can you find it in the room?”

Draw or use your cell phone to take pictures of things in your room like a chair, a table, or the refrigerator. Ask your child to look at your cell phone picture and say, “Can you find it in the room?” As they get good at this, you can make it a little harder.

“Mail Time!”

Talk to your child about getting mail and what it means. Then write them a note or give them a piece of junk mail or store flyer and say, “Mail Time!” After they look at it, take turns talking about the letters, pictures, colors, and designs.

Pretend your hand is a plane, bird or car

With your child on their back, fly your hand above their face. Pretend your hand is a plane, a bird, or a car. Talk about what you’re doing. Tell a story, make sounds, or sing. Do they grab your fingers, watch your hands move, or kick? Try different ideas to find what they like best.