Count their steps together aloud

When you’re outside, try playing this game with your child. Give them a place to stand and have them estimate how many steps they are from you. When they walk back, count their steps together aloud. Try all different distances!

Count each step you take

When your child is learning to walk up and down stairs, hold their hand, and count each step you take. This helps them become familiar with their numbers and it’s fun!

Have your child look for doubles

Have your child look for doubles of letters or numbers on signs and license plates. You can say, “Can you find two E’s on one sign outside?” Take turns and see who can find the most.

Let your child know what you’re doing

As you do laundry, let your child know what you’re doing: “I’m putting white clothes in the washer so they will be clean.” As you say the words, point to the objects (clothes, washer, soap). When they respond, continue the conversation by talking and pointing.

Tell a silly story

During a diaper change, tell your child a silly story about the tallest little child in the world. While you are at it, stretch their arms over their head as you stretch out your words in a playful tone. (The taaaaaaallest baaaaaby in the wooooooorld!)

Describe what you see

Almost everything is new to your child in their first year. So describe what you see. “There goes the yellow school bus. Beep beep!” Let them see, hear, smell, and even touch things, if possible. Notice what they’re interested in and have a back-and-forth chat. “You see the big tree? What else do you see?”