Match pictures to the real objects

Match pictures to the real objects. After looking at a picture of an apple, for example, let your child touch and smell one. Describe what they’re doing. “You’re feeling the smooth red apple. Look, here it is in the picture!” Go back and forth and create a conversation.

Make up a story together

When you’re waiting at a stoplight, bus stop, or train platform, make up a story together about someone across the street or on the opposite platform. Where is the woman in the hat going? What will she do when she gets there? Try to elaborate on your child’s ideas.

Invent a story

Work together with your child to invent a story about people you pass on the street. Ask them, “Tell me about that man who just walked by.” See how they respond. You can help them by asking questions like, “What do you think he likes to do for fun?” or “What is his favorite food?”… Continue reading Invent a story

Let them explore all of their senses

When you’re reading with your child, let them explore it with all of their senses. Allow them to touch, pat, hold, and even taste (if it’s clean) what you’re reading. Describe their actions like, “You’re patting the picture of the bunny.”

Show your child the pictures

Do you have some books or magazines around? Show your child the pictures. They will like clear simple pictures, especially of faces. Talk with them about what you see. How do they respond? Now talk about their response!

Find many things in blue

Challenge your child to find as many things as they can that are blue. Get creative by limiting the game to a specific time (three minutes or so) or place (the grocery store.) Have them count how many they find. Switch it up by looking for letters or objects instead.

Find items on your list

At the store? Ask your child to find one orange, two apples, and three bananas (or any items on your list). As they bring them to the cart, have them count out each item one by one. Take one of the items out and ask them how many are now left.

Pour water into a cup

Grab two cups before bathtime. Give your child a cup and pour water into theirs. Then ask them to pour the water back into yours. Count the number of times out loud and see how many times you can go back and forth!

Play “Beat and Repeat” anywhere

Play “Beat and Repeat” anywhere. Create a rhythmic beat with two claps. Can your child copy it? Repeat until they get it. Have them create their own rhythm with two claps. Anytime someone misses, try again. Then make it three beats. How many beats can you get to? Four? Five? Six?