New in October from Gift Connect: Advocacy in Houston, Carnegie Lullaby Partnership, and more.

"Children do learn what they live. Then they grow up to live what they learn." - Dorothy Notle. Image of mother reading to her baby.

Advocacy at the National Urban League National Conference

Sam recently attended the National Urban League National Conference in Houston, TX. He met with more than 60 national, state, and local leaders. He asked them one simple question:

If we don’t make Birth to Three a national policy imperative, can we reverse poverty in America?

Sam’s initiative began in 1969 when he worked with Whitney Young, the President of the National Urban League in NYC, to mobilize investment for Black and Hispanic businesses, as back then, all the banks in NYC loaned less than $1 million to minority businesses.

Speakers at the National Urban League Conference


Carnegie Lullaby Project

GIFT CONNECT is proud to announce our new partnership with the Carnegie Lullaby Project!

The Lullaby Project pairs parents and caregivers with artists to create lullabies for their children. Together, we share a mission to use music to foster early childhood development from birth to three.

There is Power Behind
Birth to Three

GIFT CONNECT’s Kenya Ambassador, Stellar Mengele, recently held an event in Mutonguni (a village in Kitui West Subcounty). Stellar was surprised and overjoyed by how many mothers came to hear her speak! The power (and knowledge) of Birth to Three inspires these women to show up and learn more. 

“If you want to end poverty in the United States, and end poverty around the world, and address racism and social & economic inequity and injustice, you can not do it without age three.”

– Sam Beard, GIFT CONNECT Founder & President


Connect Conversations

Want to learn why birth to three is so important and how to build your child’s brain capacity? From experts in science, policy, and programming, CONNECT Conversations is the podcast for all things birth to three.

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Did you know the best things you can do with your child are to speak, sing, read, and play? Visit our website to learn more about these loving habits and the positive impact they have on a child’s brain.